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PPC PRO. The PPC PRO offers a highly advanced control solution that is suitable for a wide range of applications, including utility-scale BESS plants.The main governor in power plants plays a critical role in monitoring the point of interconnection (POI) and controlling the power generation. This is particularly important in complex power plants where efficient and safe operation is essential.

Advanced and reliable functionalities. PPC PRO is used to manage PV plants in order to comply with all the utility and customer requirements, thanks to its fast and configurable control algorithms.
Smart Q distribution. This algorithm allows to distribute the reactive power between the inverters, depending on active power reference, maximizing the energy production.
The O&M diagnosis functions of the system report warning and fault messages to enable user management, real-time data monitoring, and other essential functions for efficient operation.
With the latest PLC technology, advanced communication systems, and regulation algorithms, this product is designed to comply with even the most stringent grid codes. This indicates that the product is highly sophisticated and meets the highest industry standards for electrical power systems.