• HEMK

  • DC/DC

  • MV Skid Compact

  • Twin Skid Compact



HEM. By providing a turn-key solution, we make the process of designing and installing easier and more cost-effective, thereby minimizing connection costs. Our HEM includes an integrated MV solution in the same enclosure, providing a compact and efficient solution. Designed to simplify the installation in the field, facilitating connections and making the plant commissioning easier.


Maximum power up to 1500 Vdc


DC-coupled storage system from 1200 kW to 4800 kW


Up to 4200kVA


Three different DC voltage windows

Easy maintenance. The advantages of a central inverter with a modular structure. Designed to be easily installable and maintainable in the field with up to four FRUs (Field Replaceable Units).
Bus Plus. Combine solar and energy storage. The Bus Plus feature allows the connection of up to four Freemaq DC/DC converters. It’s the most cost-competitive solution for solar-plus-storage retrofits.
ECON MODE. Remove no-load losses. Disconnecting the power station from the grid and taking the medium-voltage transformer out of the circuit, the continuous energy consumption due to no-load losses is eliminated.
iCOOL 4, the most innovative cooling system. The forced air cooling system provides a constant flow of clean air inside the equipment, without the need of liquid cooling.