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The NBi 360 brings high power charge to another level. Combine it with a Cooled dispenser or a pantograph to get the maximum speed of charge with no limits or choose a Slim or Depot dispenser to charge from 4 to 6 vehicles at the same time. As our other products, comes standard with Smart Power Balance, so the power available is intelligently balanced between outputs taking into consideration how much the vehicles are demanding.

Maximum Power Range

Maximum power from 300 to 1000 Vdc

Simultaneous charging

Up to 6 vehicles charging at the same time

Sequential charging

Up to 12 vehicles charging sequentially

Charge different vehicles with different power levels at the same time. This functionality optimizes the use of the total power of the charger and therefore the investment.
Modular technology for simplifying future retrofits. NBi can be easily scalable adding power modules to support EV fleets growth or to follow the increase in EV market size over time.
Our NBi 360 is a high power density solution compatible with dispensers and pantographs. Easy and reduced maintenance with low operating costs