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DC/DC. Maximize the benefits of solar+storage plants with our DC/DC converter. Easy to fit in any place and compatible with all battery technologies. Our DC/DC converter offers high efficiency and flexibility to suit a wide range of energy storage applications. It maximizes energy transfer, and it also can operate in a wide temperature range, making it ideal for harsh environments.


Modular Outdoor solution


Up to 1500 Vdc


From 1200kW to 4800 kW

The stored energy can be exported to the utility grid when the price per kWh is higher, optimizing the revenue.
Re-designed to maximize the benefits of large-scale solar plants with a solar plus storage approach.
Its unique modular design provides the flexibility needed to design your project, choosing the amount of storage power to be dispatched, according to the specific requirements.
Maximize the benefits of solar plants with our Freemaq DC/DC. How?
1. With the DC-coupled energy storage system, the excess energy from the PV plant can be stored in the (BESS) and then delivered when needed.2. DC/DC makes it possible to deliver the stored energy in periods of low PV power availability, achieving a grater overall efficiency of the PV plant.