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Small spaces, smaller power cabinet. Our NBi 180 has been designed to fit anywhere. Back to back or side-to-side instalation. It’s a robust, flexible, and compact solution. Simultaneous and dynamic DC charging up to three outputs. Combine it with dispensers or pantographs to charge your electric vehicles.

Maximum Power Range

Maximum power from 300 to 1000 Vdc


Parallel connection up to three power cabinets

Simultaneous charging

Up to 3 vehicles charging at the same time

Sequential charging

Up to 4 vehicles charging sequentially

The NBi 180 has the Smart Power Balance feature. Charge different vehicles with different power levels at the same time. This functionality optimizes the use of the total power of the charger and therefore the investment.
The NBi 180 is able to charge all type of vehicles, from heavy to light vehicles. Able to charge in 12 minutes at maximum power.
The power modules, FRU concept (Field Replaceable Units), are designed to be easily replaceable on the field without the need of advanced technical service personnel. Easy and reduced maintenance with low operating costs.