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NB Station is a turn-key solution. Designed with the goal of optimizing costs of your charging infrastructure. Easy to install, It is a plug-and-play solution. With its Smart Power Balance functionality the power available is intelligently balanced between outputs, taking into consideration how much the vehicles are demanding.

The NB Station is a power cabinet with up to 1.4 MW of power. It can be configured with any of our dispensers, Slim, Cooled, Depot and also Pantographs. It also allows sequential charging up to 48 vehicles, ideal for fleets.

Thanks to its power and innovation, the NB Station is the future of e-mobility. This innovative charging solution is designed to optimize the costs of your charging infrastructure while providing seamless charging experiences for electric vehicles.

Power Scalability

From 840 to 1440 kW

Maximum Power Range

Maximum power from 300 to 1000 Vdc

Simultaneous charging

Up to 24 vehicles charging at the same time

Sequential charging

Up to 48 vehicles charging sequentially

Smart Power Balance. Intelligent power distribution. Vehicles can charge from 60 to 360 kW. There are different options to choose, from 2 to 4 vehicle distribution to static power outputs. The power is always distributed in an efficient way, thanks to our intelligent software that keeps evolving with Over The Air software updates.
Reduced footprint. 1440 kW of power in 6 m² of area. This is the third generation of our Station, where we improved efficiency and volume. The small footprint of the NB Station allows installation almost anywhere, compared to having a power cabinet for every dispenser or connector.
NB Dispensers. Choose the dispenser to fit your project requirements and to configure the best layout. Our innovative, high-power, flexible, modular, and scalable station that brings power to next level.
Power retrofit available. Totally future-proof with easy-to-install modules. The NB Station can be configured with less power initially and be upgraded to 1440kW on-site, just by adding power modules, depending on the combiner model selected.