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PCSM & Multi PCSM. Our biggest utility-scale MV battery inverter. Designed to work in any environment and compatible with all battery technology.

Our PCSM and Multi PCSM offer a robust and durable design, advanced grid support functionalities and allow connection with up to four* independent BESS. It comprises four power modules that can be easily replaceable on-site.

Its designed to be easily installable and maintainable inthe field with a safe, reliable and fast Plug&Play assembly system. Choose your model depending on your requirements.

*Only available with Multi PCSM.


DC voltage up to 1500 Vdc


Maximum power up to 40°C


Up to 4200kVA


Three different DC voltage windows

Housed within a single enclosure, offers a turn-key storage solution that simplifies installation design.
The forced air cooling system provides a constant flow of clean air inside the equipment, without the need of liquid cooling.
It enables the redistribution of DC power in the event of module failure, resulting in lower energy losses and higher availability and efficiency.
Capable of operating on any power system. Different operation modes available depending on the aplication: grid forming or grid following.