• PCSM & Multi PCSM

  • PCSK & Multi PCSK

  • MV Skid Compact

  • Twin Skid Compact

  • DC/DC

  • Statcom



The utility-scale battery inverters. From one independent BESS with PCSK, up to four independent BESS with Multi PCSK. This product offers full grid support capability, enabling up to 4* independent Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to be used simultaneously. It also offers up to nine voltage levels to suit any battery technology.
*Only available with Multi PCSK.


Maximum power up to 1500 Vdc


Up to 4390kVA


Nine different DC voltage windows

The advantages of a central inverter with the modularity of the string inverters. Designed to be easily installable and maintainable in the field with up to four FRUs (Field Replaceable Units).
Higher battery capacity due to the short-circuit withstand capability of each DC input. Up to 4 more times than a single input. Multiple power references allowing independent BESS control. Higher availability as a battery fault will only remove the affected power modules from the system.