Pure Energy

Pure Energy is our motivation for leading the renewable energy generation. It is the search for product and service perfection. It is our vision of a clean and sustainable world for our children and future generations.

We are a company specialized in the development of advanced power electronics equipment, with unique customer service to match.

Our evolution and development as a company have always focused on the quality of product and optimal service that we offer to our clients. The advice, training and customer assistance that Power Electronics supplies are the permanent guarantee of the value, safety and reliability for all of our products.

We are now the American continent’s leading supplier (and the world’s fourth-placed manufacturer) of solar inverters for photovoltaic power plants. We also create and produce the technology demanded by strategic industrial sectors, including electronic soft starters, variable-frequency drives and converters for the grid connection of battery-based energy storage systems.

The company is now also contributing to the development and usage of electric mobility, with charging-infrastructure products designed for all manner of electric vehicles.

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Power Electronics participates in the Energyear sector meeting in Spain.

Valencia. 3 July, 2019

Power Electronics CEO David Salvo has attended the opening debate of Energyear Mediterranean on the future of energy companies in Madrid, a meeting that brings together the top managers of companies in the sector. In his speech he highlighted that "the key in the implementation of photovoltaic energy lies in the development and evolution of energy storage".

Power Electronics is the American market leader in solar inverters

Valencia. 9 May, 2019

Power Electronics has become the leading supplier of utility-scale solar inverters for photovoltaic power plants in both North and Latin America, according to a 2019 report on market shares and ordering trends of inverters for solar power plants, published by Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables.

Power Electronics puts its innovations on show at Intersolar Europe.

Valencia. 7 May, 2019

Power Electronics chose the Intersolar Europe trade fair, held in Munich on 15-17 May, as the launch venue for its latest developments in solar energy, energy storage and electric mobility. The event marked a year since the company had successfully established itself as the number-one supplier of utility-scale solar inverters in the United States, Latin America and Spain.

Power Electronics sponsors the bicentennial of the Banda Primitiva town band of Llíria.

Valencia. 15 April, 2019

Power Electronics has signed a sponsorship agreement with "Ateneo Musical" and "El Clarín", the non-profit organizations responsible for managing and training the band and its musicians, in order to support the acts celebrating the two-hundredth anniversary of its founding.

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