The head of the solar division for Latam on the photovoltaic market in Colombia: “it is necessary to know exactly the grid code that is going to be required”

26 July, 2019

The director of the Solar Energy Division for Latin America of Power Electronics, Raquel Igualá, has participated in the series of interviews "Protagonistas" organized by Energía Estrategica to analyze the renewable energy market in Latin America.

The head of the solar division of Power Electronics for Latin America, Raquel Igualá, has highlighted the importance of knowing exactly the grid code that will be required prior to the sizing of a photovoltaic plant, in its participation in the portal’s interview cycle of news specialized in renewable energies of Latin America “Energía Estrategica”.

Likewise, she stressed that “it is important to size the photovoltaic plant, and for that it is necessary to know exactly the grid code that is going to be required of the photovoltaic generator.” According to the head of the company’s solar division in Latam, the new grid code defines requirements to be taken into account in the design phase, to avoid, once the photovoltaic plant has been developed, not to meet the specifications at the point of interconnection, and she has concluded that «many times you start working without having a clear regulation, and that makes it later more difficult to get the commercial activity of the plant».

On the other hand, the company’s representative in the Latin American market has stressed the important role of Power Electronics in the implementation of storage power electronics in Latin America. She also remarked that “most customers of large plants ask that plants can integrate storage in the future.”

Moreover, Igualá has highlighted the strong implementation of Power Electronics in Latin America, with 3 GW of installed power, and presence in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico and Colombia.

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