Power Electronics ships its HEC-1500V inverter to Japan for the first time

Publicado 6 September, 2017

Power Electronics has received its first order to install a 1500V plant in Japan. The site is the floating Tano-ike photovoltaic power plant (2,552 MW) in Tsu, the capital of Japan’s Mie Prefecture. Thanks to this order, the company’s new generation of inverters for 1500V power plants now accounts for more than 2 GW of capacity.

The project has been managed by Ciel & Terre, one of the world’s biggest developers of floating photovoltaic power plants, which has once more placed its trust in Power Electronics.

Power Electronics Japan has commissioned sixteen solar power plants to date; ten of them in the first eight months of this year. This achievement is a clear indicator of the growth of our Power Electronics Japan subsidiary, which has now opened a new branch office in order to offer even better customer support in line with the thinking behind Power on Support 24/7.

Power Electronics achieves 2GW of installed capacity for its solar inverters in the UK

Publicado 30 September, 2016

Power Electronics has achieved 2GW of installed power capacity for solar inverters supplied to the United Kingdom. This installed power capacity accounts for 30% of the utility-scale market attributable to the company’s Freesun HEC inverters. Based on a topology known as the Automatic Redundant Modular Multi-Master System (ARM³S), this range of units delivers greater availability and consequently higher energy production, thereby minimizing maintenance costs and simplifying the stock management of spare parts. This inverter is capable of functioning under even the most adverse weather conditions, thanks to its outdoor configuration in heavy duty stainless steel, its advanced cooling and its multilevel energy conversion system.

The Freesun HEC likewise comes with our well-known 24/7 Power on Support, an exceptional customer service designed to maximize running time and keep plant production going. Our Power Electronics UK subsidiary operates eight service centers and four storage facilities stocked with sufficient spares to provide the best after-sales service in the sector.


Power Electronics was one of more than 200 exhibitors at Solar Energy UK, Britain’s main event in the sector, held in Birmingham on 4-6 October.   Commenting before the event, Power Electronics CEO David Salvo said: “This will be a unique chance to strengthen our ties with customers and old friends, while sharing new technologies and taking up new international opportunities as they arise.”

Power Electronics supplies its first Freesun HEC 1MW inverter to Japan

Publicado 10 September, 2014

Power Electronics has supplied an initial Freesun HEC 1 MW photovoltaic inverter for the Kenan solar power plant in Japan’s Osaka Prefecture. Power Electronics has positioned itself in Japan as a highly efficient alternative to local and European competitors by offering quality, flexibility and customer service. Our customer-oriented customer service, Power ON Support, offers EPCs and developers assistance throughout their dealings with the electrical authorities (TEPCO, KEPCO, etc.), along with engineering support during the design and installation phase and the best 24/365 after-sales service to guarantee the success of the investment.

This news also coincides with the participation of Power Electronics in the European Union’s Gateway Program, an initiative designed to encourage business activity between Japan and Europe.

Power Electronics starts up its first 3 MW photovoltaic power plant in Chile

Publicado 9 September, 2014

Power Electronics has completed commissioning of the 3MW “Los Puquios” photovoltaic power plant in the Tarapacá region of northern Chile. During the month of January, the total solar capacity of interconnected electrical systems reached 6.7 MW, which means that the commissioning of this power plant, the first 3MW facility in Chile, brings the total up to 10 MW.

The company has supplied two metal-encased, 40-foot Freesun HET solar power stations with a capacity of 1.4 MW each. This complete solution is designed for extreme and demanding situations and includes all the required low- and medium-voltage equipment, prepared for fast commissioning.

Chile is currently one of the markets with the greatest potential for photovoltaic solar energy, with capacity of 128 MW under construction, plus 5GW approved by the SEIA and a further 4.7 GW undergoing rating procedures.

For Miguel Angel Escribano, the man in charge of the solar division of Power Electronics, “the commissioning of this project represents a major breakthrough for the expansion strategy of our solar division, which sees the Latin American market as one of the best sources of potential and development opportunities in the medium term. In fact, the existing presence of our industrial division in countries like Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Mexico puts us in an advantageous position, while allowing our POWER ON SUPPORT strategy to offer local 24-hour technical assistance in each one of these markets.”

The Spanish company, which has operated a Chilean subsidiary since 2008, is setting benchmarks in the industrial power electronics sector after winning over customers such as CODELCO, YAMANA GOLD or ANGLOAMERICAN, thanks not only to the quality and efficiency of its equipment (variable-speed drives and electronic starters), but also its customer-focused, personalized technical service.

Power Electronics, true to its corporate strategy of energy savings, customer service and protection of the environment, continues to position itself globally as benchmark-setting manufacturer of solar inverters, variable-speed drives and electronic starters, while expanding its presence into more than 25 countries with over 850MW of installed power capacity.