Successful final commissioning of XMV660 OUTDOOR medium-voltage variable-speed drives in the Port of Barcelona

15 December, 2016

  • ENAGAS, Spain’s biggest transporter of natural gas, places its trust in the Power Electronics XMV660 range.
  • These items of equipment, which are already running satisfactorily, are designed to improve the efficiency of the country’s regasification plants.
  • They deliver overall consumption savings of up to 40%.

Three XMV660 medium-voltage variable-speed drives installed in the Port of Barcelona have successfully undergone final commissioning. ENAGAS, Spain’s biggest transporter of natural gas, has placed its trust in Power Electronics XMV660 outdoor variable-speed drives to improve the energy efficiency of its regasification plants.

Given their proven technical performance in other major facilities in Spain, ENAGAS has installed three 6kV XMV660 variable-speed drives in the Port of Barcelona to create a total power capacity of 1,550 kW. These three variable-speed drives operate a set of cryogenic pumps consisting of two LNG (liquefied natural gas) pumps and one auxiliary pump for supplying seawater to the intercooler. The system, which is already functioning satisfactorily, is allowing the company to obtain substantial savings on operating costs, when running under partial load, of up to 40% of total consumption.

“The main innovation of this project lies in its construction. The outdoor variable-speed drive is currently the most compact and reliable unit of its type. When used with the unique cyclonic ventilation system and C5M-level protection, it is suitable for even the most demanding saline environments. This project strengthens the competitive positioning of our XMV660 variable-speed drive; not just by delivering savings for regasification processes, but also in terms of transport, public works and installation.” says Enrique Martí, who manages the company’s major Spanish accounts. “We will soon be commissioning another two VFD systems in Huelva, on the west coast of Spain, and Cartagena, on the Mediterranean, should there be any doubt regarding client satisfaction.”

This outstanding example, combined with the unique approach of the company’s Power ON policy, makes Power Electronics the right choice for challenges all over the world.


ENAGAS is Spain’s leading gas company, and the country’s biggest transporter of natural gas. It has also been certified by the European Union as an independent TSO. This approval puts it on a par with operators of natural-gas transport networks in other countries in Europe.

The company’s main mission is to guarantee free competition and safety for Spain’s natural gas network. It operates more than 11,000 km of gas pipelines throughout Spain, three underground storage facilities in Serrablo (Huesca), Gaviota (Vizcaya) and Yela (Guadalajara) respectively and four regasification plants in Barcelona, Huelva, Cartagena and Gijón, and participates in the management of plants in Valencia and Bilbao.

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