25 May, 2020

Power Electronics makes available to Temel, the only Spanish manufacturer of approved ventilators, its production, logistical and financial capacity.

The health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a growing need for ventilators in the intensive care units of health facilities. Invasive mechanical ventilators are highly accurate and complex devices, designed for the life support of patients in critical condition and for long periods of time, unlike other types of transport ventilators/breathers or for less complex respiratory treatments but not valid for patients with COVID-19.

Temel S.A. is the only Spanish manufacturer of respirators approved by the Ministry of Health for use in Operating Rooms and Intensive Care. Headquartered in Valencia, with 15 employees and 45 years of experience in the design and manufacture of artificial ventilation sanitary equipment, Temel has an annual production capacity of up to 100 respirators. To a large extent its supply chain is nourished by Spanish companies that manufacture components to their specifications. Thanks to their technological know-how and their research trajectory in this field, they design and produce highly sophisticated medical ventilators for national and international hospital projects since 1975.

Power Electronics, a leading technology company in power electronics and one of the most important manufacturers in the energy sector worldwide, has 3,000 employees, more than 500 engineers and a Campus of 70,000 m2 of productive space plus 20,000 m2 of Technology Centre and Offices. Thanks to its vertical integration, it makes available to this project all its productive, logistical and financial capacity. The healthcare sector joins the other sectors so essential with which it works, such as Energy, Agriculture, Food and Water Supply in which Power Electronics continues to be a reference company.

Due to the current circumstances arising from the emergency situation that our country is experiencing in connection with the pandemic, Temel decided to strategically partner with Power Electronics for the manufacture of its eD-AS model respirator for UCI, approved by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products (AEMPS), thus accelerating its production on a large scale, to meet the volume needs that are currently required as soon as possible.

The challenge to reduce production times while maintaining the quality and reliability of the product is very great, but there is no doubting the effort, involvement and dedication of resources to this project by both Valencian companies, our goal is to deliver the 500 ventilators to be supplied to the Ministry of Health of the Valencian Community before September.

It is a huge responsibility, as well as being an achievement for both companies to be proud of, to be able to contribute to the commitment to improve the health care of all patients who need it, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

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