Speaking at the Energyear España trade event, David Salvo highlighted the important challenge Spain faces in terms of renewable energy

30 November, 2018

Power Electronics CEO David Salvo was a member of the panel presiding over the inaugural session, entitled “A conversation with the leaders – the energy company of the future”, which opened Energyear in Madrid, Spain, one of the most important networking events of the renewable energy sector.

Mr. Salvo’s speech highlighted the major challenge that the development of renewable energy supposes for Spain, “the European country with the most sunlight, but with a notable shortfall in solar energy production”. He added that “it is important for Spain to become the leader in renewable energy, both solar and wind power, which is clearly where the future of the sector lies”, in a call addressed to Spain’s big energy utilities and those responsible for its power grid.

David Salvo also emphasized that “human capital plays an important role in the development of the energy sector”, referring to knowledge and experience as the basis for growth, and the fact that their appreciation must be a constant factor in the functioning of our companies.

Mr. Salvo was at pains to emphasize the effort that Power Electronics has put into the electric mobility sector and the adoption of electric vehicles, a key part of renewable energy takeup. He reminded the audience in this respect that Power Electronics “is going to have 400 charging points at its new facilities, with a system that allows them to be used by employees at no cost to them”, as an example of the steps needed to encourage the use of vehicles of this type.

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