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Static compensator

2300 kVAr - 3450 kVAr

The Freemaq Statcom is a high-power utility-scale static compensator of modular design. Ideal for providing a dynamic response, it supports VAR and voltage regulation in AC power transmission systems. Its outdoor design and fail-safe topology make it an ideal solution for the most demanding installations.






Compact solution.

The Freemaq Statcom is a compact unit measuring just over 12 feet (3.7 meters) in length. It can operate at up to 3.8 MVAr. Its small size allows you to reduce installation costs significantly. Straightforward extraction of its power stages also allows quick replacement, along with complete frontal access to simplify maintenance tasks.

Field Replaceable Units

Statcom consists of six FRUs (Field Replaceable Units) designed, as the name implies, for easy replacement in situ.


iCOOL 3 is a ventilation system designed to supply a constant flow of clean air to the inside of the equipment without any need for dust filters or liquid cooling.

Multilevel Topology

Multilevel topology is the most efficient way of addressing the management of high bus voltages. This three-level configuration reduces losses at the power stage, increases efficiency and minimizes overall harmonic distortion.

Maximum Durability

The Freemaq Statcom unit comes with a high level of protection against external agents such as rain, snow and ice. It is fitted with closed-cell insulating panels designed to shield it from solar radiation and a casing that provides C4 corrosion protection by default.

Active Heating

During the night, when the inverter does not actively export power, it can import a small amount of energy to prevent internal condensation – without any use of heating elements.

Robust Design.

Our Freemaq range offers a useful service life of more than 30 years’ operation in aggressive environments and under extreme weather conditions. Our Freemaq units are tested and configured to withstand anything from the sub-zero temperatures of the Siberian tundra to the searing heat of California’s Death Valley.

Freesun App

Our app allows you to monitor the status of your inverters. If you are a technical support specialist or customer, you can download the app and start monitoring your Power Electronics equipment remotely.

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