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525 kW - 3150 kW

700 Vdc - 1500 Vdc

The new Freemaq DC/DC from Power Electronics is a bi-directional converter designed to maximize the benefits of utility-scale solar power plants equipped with storage systems. It is the most efficient solution for applications of this type. It also allows you to reduce both CAPEX and OPEX, by not requiring the installation of medium-voltage equipment.





Maximum flexibility

Modular Design

Modular design provides the flexibility required for each project, by adapting to battery systems of different capacities.

Maximum Durability

The Freemaq DC/DC is housed in a sealed casing designed to stop dust and water getting inside the equipment. It is also fitted with insulating panels to protect it from solar radiation.

Clipping Recovery

The DC/DC Freemaq obtains the maximum benefit from photovoltaic generation by generating the batteries when the photovoltaic inverter is limiting output power due to a high DC/AC ratio. The stored energy can be exported to the grid when the price per KWh is high.

For both new and existing plants

Freemaq DC/DC can be installed in existing plants. It permits quick and easy integration with the HEM and HEMK ranges of solar inverters.

From 525 kW

To 3.15 MW

Robust Design

Our Freemaq range offers a useful service life of more than 30 years’ operation in aggressive environments and under extreme weather conditions. Our Freemaq units are tested and configured to withstand anything from the sub-zero temperatures of the Siberian tundra to the searing heat of California’s Death Valley.

Freesun App

Our app allows you to monitor the status of your inverters. If you are a technical support specialist or customer, you can download the app and start monitoring your Power Electronics equipment remotely.

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