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4250 kVA - 7600 kVA

12 kV - 36 kV

Oil transformer

2L+2P/2V medium-voltage cells

The Twin Skid is a compact and resistant platform, supplied as a turnkey unit suitable for all integrated medium-voltage equipment. It comes with two medium-voltage outdoor transformers, protection and disconnection cells, oil reservoirs and filters. It is also designed for easy connection to HEMK inverters. This solution complies with the requirements of large-capacity solar power plants.






Maximum output

The Twin Skid includes all the medium-voltage equipment needed to connect it to two grid-power solar inverters. Its plug & play configuration minimizes download, installation and connection times.

Turnkey Units

The Twin Skid includes all the required medium-voltage equipment, along with fully-tested wiring. It also allows you to fit the auxiliary units that you might need, such as a SCADA, a weather station, a solar power tracking or protection system, or other items

High Reliability

Twin Skid surpasses the most stringent quality checks and test requirements, as well as offering total adaptability to the regulatory requirements of the place of installation.

Easy Installation

Twin Skid is fitted with terminals designed for easy connection to two inverters with lateral AC sockets.

Maximum Durability

Twin Skid is fitted with terminals designed for easy connection to two inverters with lateral AC sockets.


This compact solution also allows the customer to install a fully configurable low-voltage cabinet, as well as cells of varied type and design, among other items.



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