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HEC V1000

750 kVA - 2495 kVA

400 Vac - 480 Vac

1100 Vdc

HEC V1000 utility-scale solar inverters from Power Electronics are the most reliable outdoor 1000 Vdc inverters on the market. Our improved series of 1000 Vdc of inverters, based on the topology of the HEC V1500, offers a wide MPPt range and high efficiency.






A wide range of power capacities.

The HEC V1000 inverter range includes 25 different models with power capacities from 0.75 MW to 2.5 MW. The flexible modular design of Power Electronics offers smart solutions to meet the needs of any solar power project.


iCOOL V, an innovative and sophisticated ventilation system, allows the inverter to operate at its rated capacity at temperatures of up to 50ºC. It includes a smart system of variable-speed fans that allows you to reduce consumption at low power.

Multilevel Topology

Multilevel topology is the most efficient way of addressing the management of high bus voltages. This three-level configuration reduces losses at the power stage, increases efficiency and minimizes overall harmonic distortion.

Fail-Safe System

The topology of the HEC V1000 combines the respective advantages of a central and string inverter. If one module fails, its output power is distributed proportionally among the remaining active modules. The HEC V1500 is more efficient than a standard central inverter, as it only uses the power modules that are actually required when radiation levels are low.

Maximum Durability

EThe HEC V1000 unit comes with a high level of protection against external agents such as rain, snow and ice. It is also fitted with insulating panels to protect it from solar radiation.

Active Heating

During the night, when the inverter does not actively export power, it can import a small amount of energy to prevent internal condensation – without any use of heating elements.

FROM 0,75 MW

TO 2,5 MW

Robust Design.

HEC V1000 inverters offer a useful service life of more than 25 years’ operation in aggressive environments and under extreme weather conditions. Our HEC V1000 units are tested and configured to withstand anything from the sub-zero temperatures of the Siberian tundra to the searing heat of California’s Death Valley.

Freesun App

Our app allows you to monitor the status of your inverters. If you are a technical support specialist or customer, you can download the app and start monitoring your Power Electronics equipment remotely.

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