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175 kW / 350 kW / 450 kW / 600 kW

NB Station HV is a highly efficient and flexible solution for fleets of high-usage electric vehicles, including heavy goods vehicles. Compatible with both current and future electric cars, trucks and buses, it offers a wide range of voltage and power options.











Solutions for heavy goods vehicles

NB Station HV can charge electric vehicles at up to 1000 VDC. It is optimized for heavy goods vehicles and those with high levels of autonomy. It provides solutions based on pantographs and high-power charging posts.

Fast and Ultra-Fast Charging

NB Station HV supplies both direct-current charging (in Mode 4) and ultra-fast charging, with charging solutions based on individual posts or pantographs for highly autonomous electric vehicles such as buses.

Multi-standard connectors

Designed in conjunction with car manufacturers, NB Station HV is compatible with the most widely used vehicle connectors and charging procedures: CHAdeMO, CCS types 1 and 2, and GB/T.

DC Hybrid Charging Solution

Our wide experience in the renewable energy sector, designing and manufacturing solar inverters, allows us to offer a global solution. NB Station HV can be connected to a photovoltaic field and/or to the utility grid. In addition, NB Station HV is compatible with energy storage systems, adding the Freemaq DC/DC converter allows maximizing the revenues of the charging business.

Turnkey Solution

Consisting of a central power station and a series of distribution posts, NB Station HV simplifies the task of installation and considerably reduces connection costs and the consumption of necessary resources. The central power station may be used to house medium-voltage components such as the cells, transformer, energy meter and the user’s customizable switchgear cabinet, in accordance with the needs of each customer.

Plug and Play Concept

Based on our modular approach, NB Station HV consists of various field replacement units (FRU) that do not require highly trained technical service personnel, resulting in a “plug and play” configuration that is safe, reliable and fast. Our solution based on the skid platform also offers the advantages of pre-wired charging posts. These are fitted with a junction box designed for easy interconnection with the central power station.

Smart Power Balance

NB Station HV allows you to optimize the usage of charging points, with dynamic power balancing matched to the vehicle being charged.

Maximum Efficiency

NB Station HV charging points are highly efficient, which minimizes system wastage and delivers considerable reductions in OPEX installation costs.

Simple User Interface

Charging posts are fitted with a touchscreen, which clearly displays the progress of the charging process. They are equipped with RFID-based authentication to make them compatible with the most widely used mobile apps on the market. They are also compatible with contactless solutions (NFC), allowing drivers to start a charging session simply by scanning in their credit or debit card.

Easy Back-Office Integration

In order to kick-start your charging business successfully, Power Electronics offers easy integration with any existing back-office system, with APIs based on widely used global standards and communications protocols such as OCPP.

Maximum Durability

This successful and revolutionary outdoor design is based on our 30 years of experience in the manufacture of electronic power-supply equipment

Two solutions for two types of charging

Power Electronics offers two different charging solutions for heavy goods vehicles: post or pantograph. The latter method, which is in wide use with public transport buses, allows the vehicle to be charged automatically. This reduces costs and waiting times. Both systems are available with a wide range of voltages and power options.

Charging-point solutions

Pantograph-type charging systems

Easy Installation

Installations of this type consist of a central power station, which supplies energy to charging points installed on a metal skid platform. The platform is supplied ready-wired for direct connection between the series of charging posts and the central power station. This is done via a junction box, without any need to wire each post individually.

Multiple connectors

The NB Station HV post-type system is compatible with the most widely used vehicle connectors and charging procedures: CHAdeMO, CCS types 1 and 2, and GB/T. Three DC charging connectors can also be installed in the same housing.


Users decide how to charge

NB Station HV allows the user of any electric vehicle to select their own charging procedure, based on time and cost. The central supply station delivers charging power, via the post or pantograph, as required for each individual vehicle. This configuration allows charging to take place at different power levels to meet the needs of each user.

Smart support and maintenance

NB Station HV is web-enabled to allow users to contact customer service via the Internet, in real time and 24/7. Our service technicians can then use the web to troubleshoot incidents and provide a solution.

Global assistance

Global 24/7 assistance with remote solution of problems.

Smart maintenance

The smart maintenance solution from Power Electronics allows you to monitor and manage all your charging points remotely and in real time.

Maintenance service with proactive updates

Power Electronics offers a proactive maintenance and updating service designed to guarantee the maximum availability of charging points and improve the OPEX of your business.

Modular power system

Modular design and total access simplify maintenance tasks and improve the availability of equipment. If one power stage should fail, the remaining ones continue to charge the vehicle without interruption.

Hybrid charging solutions

NB Station HV is able to take maximum advantage of an inexhaustible source of power: the sun. NB Station HV can be connected to a bank of photovoltaic cells and/or the electrical grid, and it is compatible with energy storage systems.

Customizable design

Our charging posts are fully customizable. The housing can be color-customized and further personalized with logos and trademarks. You can also use the touchscreen on the front to display advertising messages.

Customize your NB Station Here

For further information about NB Station customization contact Power Electronics

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