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Soft starters

2.3 kV - 13.8 kV

150 kW - 6.3 MW

The Power Electronics VS65 medium-voltage starter is the safest and most reliable solution in this respect. It is also completely flexible, thanks to its customized structure of MT cells. Operating at between 2.3kV and 13.8kV, it combines advanced design with hardware that has been thoroughly tested to the strictest IEC standards. It offers top performance in terms of motor control and safety, with fully controlled soft startup and shutdown for any application.





Robust design

Our VS65 starters have been designed and tested under and for the most adverse conditions. They are equipped with a simple and robust interface which allows you to configure even the most advanced control and motor-protection features, thereby ensuring a long service life for your valuable equipment.

Easy to operate

The VS65 is supplied with a clear alphanumeric display screen with membrane keypad, status indicator lights and hard-wearing, customized pushbutton controls for easy intuitive operation.

Maximum safety

The starter is divided electrically into four failsafe sections, which keep the medium- and low-voltage zones separate from each other. Fiber-optic communications between the control panel and power stages offer maximum security and immunity from interference.

Maximum safety

The VS65 has been designed to the strictest EN and IEC standards to minimize the risks associated with the operation of such medium-voltage electrical equipment.

Customized solutions

The vertical integration of our production operation and a dedicated project department allow us to offer equipment customized to meet your needs.

Reactive compensation cell

· Medium-voltage fuses
· Removable vacuum contactor
· Current-limiting inductance resistors
· Medium-voltage capacitor batteries

Input protection cell

· Automatic switch (VCB)
· Medium-voltage fuses
· Removable vacuum contactor
· Earthing (ground) switch
· Commutation cells
· Surge protectors
· Earthed (grounded) line switch


· Wiring diagrams and dimensional layouts
· ITP reports
· FAT (factory acceptance testing)

Maneuverability, monitoring and pushbutton control

· Pushbuttons and selectors
· Preconfiguration of digital and analogue I/O signals
· User-interconnection terminals
· Instant-protection earth leakage relays
· Control relays for PTC and PT100 probes
· External power source (UPS, 110Vca, etc.)
· Optional communication protocols (Profibus-DP, Devicenet, Modbus TCP, etc.)
· Control of starter/motor heating elements

Casings and connections

· RAL paint finishes, with special signage and symbols
· Power connection via top, side and rear access, with cable or busbar
· Integration and protection of multiple starters in parallel, with general “run busbar” protection


Power Electronics has more than 30 years’ experience of producing starters and variable-speed drives for various industries, including the water, mining, oil and gas, metallurgy, paper and mechanical engineering sectors. Our wide range of products allows us to optimize motor functions in many different productive systems and in adverse environments, resulting in considerable energy savings. We are already world leaders in the supply of low- and medium-voltage equipment for solar thermal power plants.

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