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Variable Speed Drive

380 Vca a 480 Vca

1.5 kW hasta 1750 kW

SD750 series provides the core elements of our range. It is available for wattages of between 1.5 kW and 1750kW and voltages of between 380VAC and 480VAC. Our IP20 and IP54-grade mechanical configurations cover all industrial applications, making this range our most extensive and flexible, complete with compact design for easy installation, commissioning and maintenance.









SD750 series

The range is a whole covers such common requirements as low dV/dt, smart mechanical design with greater power density, highly advanced motor-control algorithms and a removable memory unit for easy and advanced maintenance. With its new funcionalities, SD750 series helps you to monitor, analyze and monitor your energy-saving industrial processes, while contributing to digital transformation.

Control Panel

The design of our SD750 series includes an intuitive control panel with WiFi connection. This allows you to link up with various drives simultaneously, while offering simple interaction for the user, and providing configurations without additional hardware.


We offer a range of accessories designed to satisfy the special requirements of the industrial sector. The SD750 is available with a wide selection of communication modules, specific circuit boards, filters, interface components and so on, all designed to enhance the performance of our SD750 series.

Fiber-optic circuit board

This allows you to use fiber optics to connect and synchronize as many drives as the application requires. Master and slave units can work with PMC (Power Motor Control), allowing them to operate at the same reference speed or torque. Optical fiber permits interference-free communication over long distances.

I/O expansion cards

SD70 can be supplied, as an option, with two digital or analogue input/output expansion cards (analogue and digital) to allow its integration into any type of application.

Encoder card

The encoder allows you to improve control precision with the use of a closed loop. The encoder card lets you connect a differential encoder for vector-control purposes. Signals are optically insulated. The card supplies voltages of between 5Vcc and 24Vcc.

PT100 input expansion

The PT100 card let connect up to eight PT100 sensors to your equipment in order to monitor the different areas in the motor, or even in parts of the process.

IP20 junction boxes

Sizes 1 and 3 are supplied with optional junction boxes for the connection that facilitate compliance with different installation rules regarding to the radius of curvature of the cables.


Drives from size 5 and onwards are designed for floor installation. They can however also be supplied with platforms designed to give them a total height of 2,000mm or 2,200mm (approx. 6.5 / 7.2 feet). The size 4 drive is designed for wall mounting, although it can also be installed on a floor/ground platform that gives it a total height of 1,712 mm (just over 5½ feet)..

B150 dynamic brake

Whenever the CC bus voltage exceeds its established setting, the B150 dynamic brake activates the IGBt to dissipate the energy via external resistors.

Special filters

We supply special input and output filters, such as sinusoidal, initial-environment and IT filters. Please contact Power Electronics for further information.


SD750 can be supplied with electrical and functional safety accessories, such as PT100 sensors, safety cut-off and emergency stop buttons.

Paint finishes

SD750 is available with special paint finishes.

Customized solutions

Monitoring and pushbutton control

Ask about customized maneuverability and remote/local control for your systems. The list includes emergency pushbuttons, ON/OFF buttons and selectors, local/remote control selectors, potentiometers, status-indicator LEDs, user-interconnection terminals, DCS information and display, external display installation, special communication modules, normal and failsafe external power sources, UPS and standard or ATEX-certified PTC probes, along with other items.

Filters and other output equipment connected to the motor

The supply of standalone systems or ones with variable power-supply frequencies, along with systems requiring long motor-cable distances or systems with high wave-quality requirements, entails an additional need for items like sinusoidal filtering and autotransformers. Please contact Power Electronics for further information.

Protection and switching

You have additional protective items at your disposal, installed in the drive or in adjacent cabinets. These include fuses, isolating switches (with or without fuse), earth (ground) switches, mechanical interlocks, door-mounted limit switches, automatic switches, differential protection and insulation monitoring for IT networks.

Casings and cabinets

Power Electronics equipment can be installed in customized casings or cabinets with various protection grades (IP20, IP42 or IP54), along with ventilation, hydrostatic and thermostatic control of the drive/motor heating elements, internal lighting, connection terminals and sockets and EMC compatibility, with structural studies and transport and high-altitude applications and with the colors/paint finishes and performance specifications of your choice.


Power Electronics has more than 30 years’ experience of producing starters and variable-speed drives for various industries, including the water, mining, oil and gas, metallurgy, paper and mechanical engineering sectors. Our wide range of products allows us to optimize motor functions in many different productive systems and in adverse environments, resulting in considerable energy savings. We are already world leaders in the supply of low- and medium-voltage equipment for solar thermal power plants.

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