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Variable Speed Drive

230 V - 690 V

1.5 kW - 2.2 MW

Our SD700 series is available for power ranging from 1.5kW from 2200kW, voltages from 230VAC to 690Vac and in 6, 12, 18 and 24-pulse configurations. The IP20- and IP54-grade mechanical designs concerned cover all general industrial applications, making this series our most extensive and flexible range.













SD700 SP

Power Electronics aims to reduce operating costs for your pumping systems, while offering more-advanced day-to-day solutions for energy saving and efficiency. We have used the synergies of our industrial and solar divisions to launch our high-power SD700 SP SOLAR PUMPING SYSTEM. This unique product takes advantage of the most-advanced features of our SD700 variable-speed drive to let you use solar panels (as a stand-alone system) or solar panels and simultaneous grid/generator operation (assisted system) as your sole energy source.

SD700 SP is a fully factory-tested compact solution that includes a fully integrated SD700 drive for this application and CC and SW protection for adapted control, in a set designed for quick and easy installation and commissioning. After initial grouping, the bank of solar panels and the grid/generator are connected directly to the SD700SP. This does not affect the functioning of the bridge inverter or the outstanding output performance of the motor, allowing you to operate the drive and motor without any restriction regarding startup curves or motor/pump protection, etc. Our engineering department and the Power Academy training program can advise you on the design and chosen photovoltaic field of your SD700SP equipment. Note that correct sizing takes pump curves and installation into account, along with minimum flow-rate and power requirements, maximum photovoltaic-field voltages and currents, and MPPt voltage.

SD700 FR

Our SD700FR variable-speed drive represents a step forward, while maintaining the unique features of the range. It is based on Active Front End (AFE) technology. This technology replaces the traditional semi-controlled rectifier bridge of diodes and thyristors with an IGBT-controlled bridge. It is fitted with its own control and power circuit board, designed to generate a quasi-sinusoidal input current.

Thanks to this, the drive is able to reduce THDi, adjust and keep constant the cosine of PHI under any load condition and maintain the motor voltage, even with significant drops its input. The technology described above reduces THDi efficiently and with a smaller volume. At the same time, the cosine of PHI is adjustable to 1 and is maintained under any load condition. There is no need to install capacitor banks, and reactive energy charges and transformer/grid overloads are prevented. Our SD700FR range delivers top performance in the regeneration of energy. It manages to reduce your energy bill while actually increasing the performance of your equipment.

  • IP54* without dust filters (*Zone 1)
  • Operation at up to 50°C
  • Front access
  • Modular harmonic filters (LCL) and power stage
  • 4Q regenerative drive
  • Adjustable power factor
  • Built-in RFI filter
  • With dV/dt filter as standard, 400 v/μs-800v/μs (up to 300m without shielded cable)
  • Electronic components coated to military/aerospace standards

SD700 FL

This “notch” type input filter improves the unique features of the SD700 by reducing THDi levels to below 5%. Its configuration is based on the parallel connection of filtering modules controlled and monitored by the drive. Every module is equipped with temperature sensors, allowing us to provide thermal protection for each one.

What makes the SD700FL different? Filter performance does not depend on line impedance. This means that even if there are electrical modifications, like the incorporation of new motors or link-ups into the network, filter performance does not vary to any great extent; nor does it generate the resonance typical of traditional passive filters. This performance factor makes it ideal for any application that requires minimal generation of harmonics.

  • IP54 without dust filters (*Zone 1)
  • Operation at up to 50°C
  • Front access
  • Modular notch filter and power stage
  • Built-in RFI filter
  • With dV/dt filter as standard, 400 v/μs-800v/μs (up to 300m without shielded cable)
  • Electronic components coated to military/aerospace standards

SD700 K

Whenever space is at a premium, our SD700 K drive – with its power density of up to 800kW/m3 – is the optimum solution. This drive delivers the unique performance of the range, but with dimensions reduced by up to 2.5 times. Our Kompakt range provides design freedom and competitiveness for your electrical projects. Inspired by a contactor connection, this drive is equipped with a power input at the top and an output at the bottom.

Our SD700K variable-speed drive is supplied in two IP00-compliant parts: the drive unit and the input coils. Customers who follow Power Electronics’ instructions can easily install it in their own switchgear cabinet or plant control room.

  • Power range from 63kW to 800kW. Our SD700K is the perfect solution if you are operating multiple motors and need to save space.
  • Wide range of voltages (230Vac, 380Vac-500Vac, 525Vac and 690Vac), with voltage drop of up to 20%. Ideal for weak-current electrical systems and facilities that operate with a wide range of voltages.
  • Option to add IP20-grade protection.
  • THD level reduced without any increase in space requirements. SD700K is available in 12-pulse configuration.
  • External input inductances (3% impedance).
  • Optional B150 external dynamic brake to dissipate regenerated energy during braking cycles.

Technical characteristics

Power range

Field testing of our hardware guarantees perfect operation with both low-power (kW) and high-power motors (MW). Our SD700 series offers consistent quality across all power ranges.

Range of voltages

Wide range of voltages (230Vca, 380Vca-500Vca, 525Vca and 690Vca), with voltage-drop tolerance of up to 20%. The optimum solution for weak-current electrical networks and sites with severe voltage fluctuations. The drive continues working even with low or high input voltages.


Available in 12/18/24-pulse configurations. Select the most suitable system for your THDi requirements.

IP20 and IP54 cabinets

Guarantee a long useful life for your electronic equipment, wherever it is installed.

Standard input filter

Network disruption is filtered by efficient input coils (3% impedance), which reduce THD and protect the drive.

Standard EMC filter

The emissions generated by the rectifier bridge and inverter are attenuated by the EMC filter, thereby allowing you to obtain Category C3 compliance in accordance with IEC/EN 61800-3.

Internal and external braking units

The energy regenerated during braking cycles is absorbed by the drive. The dynamic internal brake and external B150 accessory allow this energy to be dissipated.

High-speed fuses

Units from size 5 onwards are fitted as standard with high-speed fuses designed to protect the drive from unexpected excess current.


Ventilation system

Electronic components totally sealed (IP 54), without dust filters. Three independent levels offer maximum protection and efficiency for the cooling system.

LEVEL 1: Electronics

The electronic components of the IP54-grade models in our SD 700 range are totally sealed. The heat generated internally is dissipated via a forced convection system, without dust filters. Other manufacturers use dust filters, which are liable to become blocked under adverse conditions. This causes overheating of the electronic components, resulting in a need for regular maintenance.

LEVEL 2: Cooling

The main cooling system uses highly efficient low-speed axial fans. These deliver three major benefits:

  • The amount of dust deposited inside equipment operating at low air speeds in dusty environments (cement works, quarries, mines, metallurgical plants, etc.) is significantly reduced. This reduces the frequency of maintenance tasks.
  • There is an exponential reduction in internal pressure loss, which improves the efficiency of the cooling system.
  • Noise pollution is reduced, which enhances the operating environment.

LEVEL 3: Filters

The input filters are incorporated at an independent level in order to optimize cooling capacity and the degree of protection, while increasing useful service life.

Customized solutions

Maneuverability, monitoring and pushbutton control

Ask about customized maneuverability and remote/local control for your systems. The list includes emergency pushbuttons, ON/OFF buttons and selectors, local/remote control selectors, potentiometers, status-indicator pilot LEDs, user-interconnection terminals, DCS information and display, external display installation, special communication modules, normal and failsafe external power sources, UPS, control relays, standard or ATEX-certified PTC and PT 100 probes, along with other items.

Filters and output equipment connected to the motor

The supply of standalone systems or ones with variable power-supply frequencies, along with systems requiring long motor-cable distances or systems with high wave-quality requirements, entails an additional need for items like sinusoidal filtering and autotransformers. Please contact Power Electronics for further information.

Protection and switching

You have additional protective items at your disposal, installed in the drive or in adjacent cabinets. These include fuses, isolating switches (with or without fuse), earth (ground) switches, mechanical interlocks, door-mounted limit switches, automatic switches, differential protection and insulation monitoring for IT networks.

Casings and cabinets

Power Electronics equipment can be installed in customized casings or cabinets with various protection grades (IP20, IP42 or IP54), along with ventilation, hydrostatic and thermostatic control of the drive/motor heating elements, internal lighting, connection terminals and sockets and EMC compatibility, with structural studies and transport and high-altitude applications and with the colors/paint finishes and performance specifications of your choice.


Power Electronics has more than 30 years’ experience of producing starters and variable-speed drives for various industries, including the water, mining, oil and gas, metallurgy, paper and mechanical engineering sectors. Our wide range of products allows us to optimize motor functions in many different productive systems and in adverse environments, resulting in considerable energy savings. We are already world leaders in the supply of low- and medium-voltage equipment for solar thermal power plants.

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30 August, 2019

At the beginning of 2017, the irrigation sector had already been making photovoltaic installations for direct supply of private pumps, mostly isolated, to replace or complement the use of generator sets for several years. At that time, Power Electronics  SD700SP drive was already the most installed. With the implementation of this solar pumping system it was possible to reduce operating costs and increase energy efficiency.

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