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Variable Speed Drive

230 V - 480 V

0.75 kW - 90 kW

Our SD500 drive covers a power range running from 0.75kW to 90kW. It is available in four sizes to ensure its compatibility with a wide range of applications. This equipment supplies high precision and control, multiple communication protocols and maximum efficiency, along with motor care. The SD500 exceeds expectations and is compatible with all budgets and applications in the industrial sector.





0,75KW TO 90KW / 200-230 VCA





Precise, efficient and flexible control

Our SD500 variable-speed drive represents a big step forward within its class, with more-precise control, working temperatures up to 50°C and 150% overload, along with built-in filters to ensure best performance and a long working life for the motor.

Motor/drive protection

Our SD500 range incorporates a large number of features designed to protect both the motor and the drive. The list includes excess/low voltage, thermal motor protection, over/underload, sudden phase loss, excess IGBT temperature, hardware failure, external brake failure, communications failure, reference signal loss, fan breakdown and encoder error.

Energy savings

Our variable-speed drives change the frequency of the motor’s power supply to adapt the running speed of the pump or belt to the needs of the process. This saves energy and enhances the quality and control of the process. The energy savings supplied by the drive can be considerable, depending on the type of load.



Modular accessory design

PLC board with a large number of inputs and outputs, STO module, encoder module, Ethernet communication module, CANopen, DeviceNet and Lonworks, I/O expansion module and dynamic braking unit.

High overload

Available with overload of 150% at 50°C or 110% at 40°C.

Optional dV/dt filter

Reduces dV/dt to 500-800V/µs to allow the installation of motors at up to 300m without shielded cable. Built-in EMC/RFI and harmonic filters.

Removable intuitive display

The SD500 offers the possibility of installing the display up to almost 10 feet (3 meters) away from the drive. Embedded installation of the display in the control cabinet allows the variable-speed drive to be operated safely from outside. The SD500 is equipped with a graphic display (showing four lines of 16 characters) and a membrane keypad, allowing you to browse intuitively through a full set of parameters and streamline the programming associated with commissioning and maintenance tasks. The “read”, “copy” and “write parameters” features allow you to program multiple devices quickly and easily.

Safe shutdown turnaround outage (STO)

This feature lets you shut down the motor’s power supply without generating torque. The STO module, along with the installation of a safety relay and an emergency pushbutton, saves control-cabinet space and reduces costs and installation time, while improving system performance and simplifying assembly.


Power Electronics has more than 30 years’ experience of producing starters and variable-speed drives for various industries, including the water, mining, oil and gas, metallurgy, paper and mechanical engineering sectors. Our wide range of products allows us to optimize motor functions in many different productive systems and in adverse environments, resulting in considerable energy savings. We are already world leaders in the supply of low- and medium-voltage equipment for solar thermal power plants.

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