Power on Support

The concept of Power on Support reflects the philosophy of Power Electronics and the reasons for its success.

Ever since it was founded, the company has concentrated its efforts on customer service based on flexibility, specialization and international positioning, all of which have allowed us to stay close to the customer at all times, while obtaining the highest rates of fidelity on the market.

We are specialists

We specialize in the manufacture of electronic products for the power sector, adapted to multiple industrial applications.

We advise our customers on the right equipment for each product and on the applications to be installed.

We are experienced in the design and manufacture of products designed to improve the energy efficiency of any type of installation in various industrial sectors, and seek out solutions best adapted to the requirements of each project.

We are flexible

We offer the flexibility needed to adapt our products to the needs of each customer and to their corresponding technical and financial requirements.

We understand that each project has peculiarities that make it unique, so we tailor our equipment to the operational circumstances and environment of its ultimate place of installation.

The vertical integration of our production process and our presence on all five continents likewise allow us to offer delivery deadlines and customer service that are unique to the sector, making us the market leader; while ensuring that our installations remain operational at all times in the interests of maximum performance.

We are international

Our international presence allows us to supply products according to virtually any delivery schedule.

We serve our customers’ needs in record time via our two sites in Spain and the United States, and our network of subsidiaries in 38 different countries. We have experience of commissioning our equipment in all parts of the world. In 2018, we became the leading supplier of solar inverters to the Americas, the UK and Spain, thanks to our international outlook and firm commitment to customer service.

How we work


We offer a level of customer service that is unique to the market, based on total availability both before and after the commissioning of our equipment. Our experience and knowledge gained over a period of thirty years are placed at the user’s disposal via our customer service.

We advise on the product best adapted to each project, offer to design the applications that the customer requires and provide training on the functioning and performance of each item of equipment. A dedicated project manager oversees progress and advises the customer, while responding to queries and dealing with any incidents that might arise.

Before commissioning


We seek out the solution best adapted to each project budget requirement, without reducing the specified quality or performance.


Our training facilities and tailored courses are available to all our customers.


One of our main corporate values is the experience gained with applications adapted to all industrial sectors.


We offer guarantees to cover any manufacturing defect, along with the possibility of extended warranties

Power Electronics supplies its industrial products (variable-speed drives and electronic starters) and electric-vehicle chargers with a three-year warranty, along with five-year warranties on its solar inverters. We do not require maintenance contracts. Furthermore, warranty repairs can normally be carried out at the place of installation, thereby minimizing unwanted downtime. We guarantee our commitment to be on hand whenever you need us.


Our products and components can be delivered in the field in the shortest time possible

We store components at strategic locations in order to be able to meet our production requirements and fulfil our technical assistance commitments on short schedules. We maintain minimum stocks of products to deal with emergencies and are able to commence expeditions in less than 24 hours. And we keep them at a location near you, so as to be able to deliver whenever you need them. These backup stocks allow us to minimize delivery times for major projects, while guaranteeing that the installations concerned are operational at all times.


We guarantee phone or field support on a 24/7 basis

We guarantee a telephone response to all customer enquiries, at any time of the day or night, all year round; not only to fulfil warranties but also to supply any technical advice that might be needed. We undertake to provide you with assistance in the field, regardless of warranty cover or wherever you might be located.


You are in control

We offer continuous advice on and training in the use of the applications designed to monitor and configure our products: PowerComms and Freesun V.

We are here to help you

With 24/7 access to our technical assistance.
Please contact us for further help and information.

Contact us

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