Power Electronics uses SPI as the venue to present its HEM inverter, the future of photovoltaic power plants

11 September, 2017

Power Electronics attended the SPI event in Las Vegas this week, where it presented the HEM, the company’s new medium-voltage central string inverter, designed to take full advantage of modular string architecture, but with all the benefits of a central inverter. The new HEM has caused something of a revolution in the photovoltaic sector. With capacity up to 3.3 MW, it promises to reduce project costs and increase ROI for developers, owners of power plants and investors alike.

Equipped with “Cyclone Drive”, a cooling system patented by Power Electronics, the HEM guarantees maximum output under extreme climatic conditions involving high salinity, sandstorms and very high altitudes. It has been designed to minimize the costs of wiring and installation, thereby reducing both OPEX y CAPEX. With 1500V input and medium-voltage output, the HEM is the perfect choice for large-scale projects.

In addition to the launch of this new inverter, the company also presented its Freemaq DC/DC energy storage converter, a bidirectional converter designed for battery-powered applications.

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