Power Electronics tributes to its founder, Abelardo Salvo Babiloni, with the concert of the “Camerata Llíria City of Music”

21 April, 2021

Valencia (20-04-2021). – On the occasion of World Creativity and Innovation Day, the Valencian company Power Electronics wanted to honour its founder Abelardo Salvo Babiloni. Pioneer and visionary who founded the company more than 30 years ago and left his trace on the values of the multinational.

Power Electronics is based in the city of Llíria, a town that this week promotes creativity and innovation with the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and wanted to join the homage to the pioneer with a concert of his musical ensemble ‘Camerata Llíria City of Music-UIMP’, directed by Vicent Pelechano.

The ‘Camerata Llíria City of Music’ honoured the founder with the concert ‘La Creatividad Barroca’, music from one of the most creative periods that still inspire edetans musicians. Like Abelardo Salvo Babiloni, who continues inspiring with his legacy the ambitious and innovative projects of Power Electronics.

In addition to family and friends, the event was attended by local and regional authorities such as Gloria Calero, Government Delegate of the Valencian Community; Rebeca Torró, Regional Secretary for Sustainable Economy and Productive Sectors; and Manuel Civera, Mayor of Llíria.

Abelardo Salvo Babiloni founded Power Electronics in 1987 and, as his three sons and colleagues tell in the video shown during the event, his story was based on foresight, hard work, and perseverance. Values that the Salvo family learned well from the pioneer and that today are part of its DNA and of the spirit of Power Electronics, that today has 28 international delegations.

The history of the founder was not easy, but as his two sons highlight, Lalo Salvo, Technical Vice President of Power Electronics; and David Salvo, CEO, he always knew how to stand up and, thanks to his tireless effort, the company went from a small garage, as highlighted his other son Amadeo Salvo, Global Vice President, to a multinational with presence in the 5 continents and leader of the world energy storage market.

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