Power Electronics supplies HEC V1500 units to Brazil

Piauí 12 April, 2017

Power Electronics is supplying HEC V1500  units to the Sobral I (30MW) and Sertão I (30MW) power stations in Piauí in the north of Brazil.  Set to begin operations in the second half of 2017, the two plants are designed to produce 154GWh between them every year.

Gas Natural Fenosa, now the plants’ main shareholder, has consolidated its presence in Brazil with the acquisition from Gransolar (GRS), via its subsidiary Green Power Generation (GPG), of an 85% shareholding the two plants.

Power Electronics continues to grow in the South American market, in this case in Brazil, where it already has extensive experience in the industrial sector dating from the inauguration, in 2010, of its first branch office in São Paulo.

About Gransolar

Gransolar has become, in just five years, a developer, operator and international EPC contractor of photovoltaic power plants, with its own control systems and laboratory testing facilities. With more than forty plants already in operation in Spain and Italy, the company is now expanding into the United States, Portugal, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Chile and Mexico. Recent diversification into wind-power and biomass projects marks a new phase in the company’s evolution.

About Global Power Generation (GPG)

Global Power Generation (GPG) is a member company of GAS NATURAL FENOSA. Operating as the Group’s international division, it has a 25% shareholding in the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), the world’s oldest sovereign wealth fund, founded in 1953. It manages power-generating capacity of 2,866 MW and employees a workforce of approximately 800 specialists.

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