Power Electronics starts up its first 3 MW photovoltaic power plant in Chile

Tarapacá 9 September, 2014

Power Electronics has completed commissioning of the 3MW “Los Puquios” photovoltaic power plant in the Tarapacá region of northern Chile. During the month of January, the total solar capacity of interconnected electrical systems reached 6.7 MW, which means that the commissioning of this power plant, the first 3MW facility in Chile, brings the total up to 10 MW.

The company has supplied two metal-encased, 40-foot Freesun HET solar power stations with a capacity of 1.4 MW each. This complete solution is designed for extreme and demanding situations and includes all the required low- and medium-voltage equipment, prepared for fast commissioning.

Chile is currently one of the markets with the greatest potential for photovoltaic solar energy, with capacity of 128 MW under construction, plus 5GW approved by the SEIA and a further 4.7 GW undergoing rating procedures.

For Miguel Angel Escribano, the man in charge of the solar division of Power Electronics, “the commissioning of this project represents a major breakthrough for the expansion strategy of our solar division, which sees the Latin American market as one of the best sources of potential and development opportunities in the medium term. In fact, the existing presence of our industrial division in countries like Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Mexico puts us in an advantageous position, while allowing our POWER ON SUPPORT strategy to offer local 24-hour technical assistance in each one of these markets.”

The Spanish company, which has operated a Chilean subsidiary since 2008, is setting benchmarks in the industrial power electronics sector after winning over customers such as CODELCO, YAMANA GOLD or ANGLOAMERICAN, thanks not only to the quality and efficiency of its equipment (variable-speed drives and electronic starters), but also its customer-focused, personalized technical service.

Power Electronics, true to its corporate strategy of energy savings, customer service and protection of the environment, continues to position itself globally as benchmark-setting manufacturer of solar inverters, variable-speed drives and electronic starters, while expanding its presence into more than 25 countries with over 850MW of installed power capacity.

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