Power Electronics sponsors the bicentennial of the Banda Primitiva town band of Llíria

15 April, 2019

  • The band embodies the great musical culture of the town of Llíria in Valencia, Spain.
  • The sponsorship initiative recognizes the town’s efforts to conserve this fine cultural tradition over two centuries.

Power Electronics has signed a sponsorship agreement with “Ateneo Musical” and “El Clarín”, the non-profit organizations responsible for managing and training the band and its musicians, in order to support the acts celebrating the two-hundredth anniversary of its founding.

The arrangement is in well-deserved recognition of an institution considered to be one of the greatest cultural expressions of the Spanish region of Valencia, and of the town of Llíria in particular, in the shape of its various musical associations.

It also recognizes the key role of music in these associations and in Valencian society in general. It is particularly important in towns like Llíria, where families and whole neighborhoods have contributed over the centuries to keeping this famous cultural tradition alive.

About the Banda Primitiva town band

The Banda Primitiva of Llíria which was founded in 1819 by Father Antoni Albarracín, a Franciscan friar, is without doubt the oldest town band in Spain. In 1888, it competed for the first time in the Valencia town band contest, and won first prize; an achievement that it has gone on to repeat on various occasions throughout its history. In fact, it is the only competing band to have won first place in three different centurie.

Ever since its founding, the Banda Primitiva has performed innumerable concerts and been present at all manner of cultural events, street processions and so on. It has played in virtually every city in Spain and has also ventured abroad, including performances in Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United States (New York and Los Angeles) and China (Beijing and Shanghai).

As well as being directed by its usual conductors, it has performed with various European guest conductors, with prestigious names that include Sergiu Celibidache, Desirée Dondaine, Odón Alonso, Rafael Früebeck de Burgos, Jan Molenar, Luís Cobos, Manuel Galduf, Jan Cober and Placido Domingo.

The town’s school of music currently has more than a hundred students enrolled. The modern facilities at their disposal include the sector-leading school itself and a large stock of musical instruments. The school’s permanent staff also collaborates with the best orchestras and conservatories in Spain.

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