Power Electronics ships its HEC-1500V inverter to Japan for the first time

Tsu 6 September, 2017

Power Electronics has received its first order to install a 1500V plant in Japan. The site is the floating Tano-ike photovoltaic power plant (2,552 MW) in Tsu, the capital of Japan’s Mie Prefecture. Thanks to this order, the company’s new generation of inverters for 1500V power plants now accounts for more than 2 GW of capacity.

The project has been managed by Ciel & Terre, one of the world’s biggest developers of floating photovoltaic power plants, which has once more placed its trust in Power Electronics.

Power Electronics Japan has commissioned sixteen solar power plants to date; ten of them in the first eight months of this year. This achievement is a clear indicator of the growth of our Power Electronics Japan subsidiary, which has now opened a new branch office in order to offer even better customer support in line with the thinking behind Power on Support 24/7.

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