Power Electronics puts its innovations on show at Intersolar Europe

7 May, 2019

  • The company’s solar division has now installed more than 16 GW of power capacity throughout the world.
  • Power Electronics has become the leading supplier of "utility-scale" solar inverters to the United States, Latin America and Spain.
  • The event took place in Munich (Germany) on 15-17 May.

Power Electronics chose the Intersolar Europe trade fair, held in Munich on 15-17 May, as the launch venue for its latest developments in solar energy, energy storage and electric mobility. The event marked a year since the company had successfully established itself as the number-one supplier of utility-scale solar inverters in the United States, Latin America and Spain.

Intersolar Europe, which was first held 27 years ago, is considered to be the biggest European event of its type. It provides a great opportunity to show EPCs, developers and investors the differences that exist between the photovoltaic inverters on the market, and how making the correct choice can significantly increase their profitability.

Power Electronics used this year’s event to present HEMK, the second generation of 1500V solar inverters. This piece of equipment offers the advantages of both central and string configuration, along with other key features, while allowing the integration of present or future hybrid plants via connections to storage systems such as the Freemaq DC/DC.

In the field of energy storage, Power Electronics presented the Freemaq DC/DC, a two-way converter designed to maximize the benefits of utility-scale solar power plants equipped with energy storage systems. As the most efficient solution of its type, it does not require its own medium-voltage transformer.

Integration of the Freemaq HEMK solar inverter and DC/DC converter has allowed us to create a compact configuration that can reduce both CAPEX and OPEX when developing photovoltaic plants equipped, or designed to be equipped, with battery-based energy storage. The absence of additional inverters and their corresponding transformers makes this the market’s most competitive solution for hybrid power plants.

The company’s solid and long-standing solar division was not alone however, as Power Electronics once more used the event to present Nube, its range of items designed for charging electric goods vehicles. This includes Nube 50, Nube Station and Nube Station Plus; along with Nube 50 and Nube City – designed for vehicle fleets and urban settings respectively – and Nube Wall, a charging system for private garages and car parks.

Power Electronics is the sales leader in the United States and Latin America, and the fourth-placed company worldwide, according to an annual study of sales of solar inverters carried out by Wood Mackenzie & Renewables. This ranking has been obtained on the basis of our high-tech product quality and firm commitment to customer service.


15-17 MAY

STAND B2.330


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