Power Electronics presents its new Nube 50 high-speed charging unit

5 July, 2018

This week saw Power Electronics attend the UK’s main mobility-related event. It is the only European event of its type to address cities, places of work and the owners and operators of commercial car parking facilities. Power Electronics presented its new EV Nube 50 charging unit, a combination of aesthetic design and advanced functions.

Nube 50, a high-speed charger designed for outdoor or indoor use, offers a modern and elegant design that focuses on reliability, availability and ease of maintenance.

The aim of having eight million electric vehicles on the roads of Europe by 2020 requires urgent action and investment if it is to become a reality. Transport has overtaken power generation as the biggest source of harmful emissions in Europe, which has highlighted the need for a new focus on transport based on a reduction in carbon pollution, based in turn on the use of corresponding low-emission vehicles.

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