Power Electronics launches a unique inverter for solar and energy storage plants

25 September, 2019

  • The HEM HYBRID can include up to six DC / DC converters of 500 kW each.
  • The new inverter is based on the successful HEM, sales leader in the Americas.

Power Electronics has launched the HEM HYBRID, the latest solution for utility-scale PV plants, a solar inverter unique in the market that allows interconnection with battery-based storage systems, through the DC / DC integrated in the same enclosure. The new solar-plus-storage inverter has been presented at the North America Smart Energy Week held at the Salt Lake City International Solar Power International.

The HEM HYBRID is a solar inverter designed for large-scale photovoltaic plants that integrates up to six DC / DC converters of 500 kW each, without the need for additional connections. In addition, its structure, based on that of the successful HEM inverter, incorporates medium voltage equipment, transformer and protection cell, as well as offering the advantages of a central inverter and the modularity of a string architecture.

The HEM HYBRID obtains the maximum benefit of photovoltaic generation by charging the battery system when the solar inverter is limiting the output power due to a high DC / AC ratio. This energy is stored and can be exported to the electricity grid when the price per KWh is higher.

Its modular structure, based on easily replaceable power stages, (Field Replaceable Units) allows you to maximize its availability and performance.

On the other hand, the use of this inverter in solar plants represents a considerable saving in CapEx and considerably simplifies the design of the installation, achieving the lowest LCOE in the market. Maintenance is also easier thanks to the front access that allows the modules to be easily replaced in the field, reducing the MTTR and obtaining a lower OpEx.

USA main market

Power Electronics continues to be the leading manufacturer of large-scale solar inverters in the United States, with the installation of more than 2,000 equipments in a total of 65 photovoltaic plant projects and with more than 7 GW of installed power throughout 2019. With these figures, the company consolidates another year as a benchmark in the American market in utility-scale solar inverters.

Moreover, the company has managed to strengthen its leadership situation in Latin America with various projects in Chile, Mexico, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

On the other hand, the company continues its internationalization process in the solar sector with its implementation in Australia, Japan, and Malaysia.

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