Power Electronics is the American market leader in solar inverters

9 May, 2019

  • As of 2018, Power Electronics has the largest share in the North American market for solar inverters.
  • The company wins 31% of all orders for solar inverters in the United States and Canada.
  • Power Electronics is also the sales leader in Latin America, with 20% of the market there.
  • The Power Electronics Company occupies fourth place in the world market for solar inverters.

Power Electronics has become the leading supplier of utility-scale solar inverters for photovoltaic power plants in both North and Latin America, according to a 2019 report on market shares and ordering trends of inverters for solar power plants, published by Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables.

This report, which shows the market share of each manufacturer, reveals that Power Electronics accounts for 31% of the North American market for solar inverters; thereby doubling the percentage of its main competitors. According to this study, the company almost doubled its shipments in 2017, by going from 18% to 31% of the totals recorded throughout the year.

Data from the study also show how Power Electronics supplied 3.6 GW of power capacity in 2018, more than twice the figure of 1.7 GW recorded for the previous year, and that it continues to grow as the market leader year by year, including a 21% increase in the last fiscal year in the United States and Canada, with an overall market share of 73% that puts it among the world’s five top manufacturers.

It is the market leader in Latin America, and fourth-placed globally.

According to the same report, Power Electronics has also become a leading supplier of solar inverters for utility-scale power plants in Latin America, with a market share of 20%. The report also shows how the company’s sales have grown by three percentage points with respect to the previous year, from 17% to 20% of total of orders placed throughout the year.

After several years of growth and expansion, Power Electronics has positioned itself as one of the world’s five leading manufacturers of solar inverters. With 6% of global sales, the company is placed fourth overall, with exponential growth of 118% and a doubling in the number of its shipments in the year 2017, from 3% to 6% of the annual total.

These results stem from the company’s firm commitment to innovation and customer service based on direct, personal attention, which have contributed to its current presence in more than 100 countries.

Apart from this commitment to internationalization, Power Electronics has based its growth on the development of cutting-edge technologies designed to improve reliability even more and meet the demanding specifications of international certification standards. Items worthy of note in this respect include the company’s second generation of HEM and HEMK 1500 V solar inverters, which offer the advantages of both central and string configuration, with tough, hard-wearing units that can be replaced in the field, thereby minimizing installation and maintenance costs.


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