Power Electronics intensifies its expansion into the Mexican market

16 May, 2016

  • After six years of activity in Mexico, the company now has three technical service centers there.
  • Its total installed power capacity in Latin America amounts to 180 MW, with a further 150 MW undergoing installation. Mexico accounts for 1.2 MW of this total.
  • The conferences included a presentation of this inverter, which has consolidated the company as the technology leader in the sector.

The Spanish company Power Electronics, the leader in power electronics technology, continues to support the development of new technologies by positioning itself on the Mexican market. After the successful installation by its industrial division of equipment for offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, in gas pipelines and at power stations, Power Electronics is promoting its solar division on the South American market, while intensifying its expansion into Mexico.

The company has been active in Mexico for six years, and now has three technical service points which, thanks partly to the “Power On Support” approach to customer service, are contributing to consolidation on this market. “Power On Support” denotes the company’s commitment to providing field support on a 24/7 basis, regardless of whether the equipment is still in warranty or not; along with 24/365 telephone support and free commissioning and training, plus stocks of products and components and consultation and engineering services.

The company also supplies a three-year warranty with its industrial products (variable-speed drives and electronic starters) and a five-year warranty on solar inverters, guaranteeing them against any manufacturing defect. Warranty repairs can normally be carried out at the place of installation, thereby minimizing unwanted downtime. Power Electronics always carries out commissioning free of charge, with technicians to configure the equipment according to each application and guarantee maximum performance. Feedback obtained in the course of commissioning helps us to improve our ranges of products even more.

As Raquel Igualá, the company’s LATAM Sales Manager, puts it: “The commitment to customer service that characterizes the company, along with its Power On Support policy, are what have given us our outstanding position on the international market”.
She continues: “Power Electronics has bet decisively on an expansion of face-to-face service for emerging markets.”

Power Electronics currently has 190 MW of installed power capacity in Latin America, with 150 MW in the installation phase. Mexico accounts for 1.2 MW of this total. Raquel Igualá highlights the activity of Power Electronics on these markets “with a successful presence going back over six years for its Latin American industrial division and three for its photovoltaic division”.

As she also says: “the high potential offered by Mexico, particularly since the result of the most recent invitation to tender of the National Centre for Energy Control, makes it clear that photovoltaic solar energy can compete with any system of electricity generation.”

HEC PLUS 1500Vdc

Our HEC PLUS 1500Vdc is a photovoltaic inverter with a new range of voltages (565Vac, 600Vac, 645Vac and 690Vac), designed to increase capacity to up to 3MW. With this model, Power Electronics has managed to consolidate itself as the market’s technology leader, and has already begun to deliver on the basis of six signed contracts. The highly globalized photovoltaic market demands smart, competitive solutions that deliver top quality and reliability. Our well-known HEC PLUS platform, one of a select group of high-quality, European-made inverters, is now available in 1500 Vdc and 1000 Vdc versions.

EPCs and developers alike can benefit from its improved ratio of price to installed watts to design and promote photovoltaic power plants that are more competitive. With a range of 1 MW to 3 MW, it represents a step forward in terms of competitiveness. It is currently the only outdoor, modular, failsafe inverter in the sector to offer efficient operation in the worst climatic conditions and at extremely high and low temperatures and levels of humidity and salinity, plus operation at up to 3,000 meters (nearly 1,000 feet) above sea level and in earthquake zones.


This year once more saw the Spanish company Power Electronics attended MIREC WEEK in Mexico City. The event allows an analysis of the latest trends on the Mexican energy market and provides a forum for those involved in renewable energy, where they can meet and evaluate the next steps to be taken in promoting this new electrical sector.

The event also includes debates on the future uses of solar, wind, geothermal and other “green” sources of energy in Mexico and Central America, along with discussions on the sector’s latest regulatory, fiscal and technological developments.

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