Power Electronics intensifies its expansion into Latin America with a 42MVA facility in Argentina

La Rioja 29 June, 2017

Power Electronics has recently signed a new contract with the 360 Energy S.A. group of companies to supply 42MVA from a series of HEC V1500 inverters installed in the La Rioja region of Argentina. This deal brings Power Electronics close to the milestone of 2GW supplied by its new generation of 1500 V inverters. This equipment differentiates itself from its competitors by offering a modular power stage and a failsafe control system which, when combined with other features such as three-level topologymake it a unique product capable of working at up to 50°C without any drop in output, even under the most demanding of operating conditions.

This contract also marks the company’s entry into a new market, as it continues its penetration of Latin America as a whole. The company is currently supplying equipment to, or already has facilities installed in, Bolivia (84MVA), Mexico (608 MVA), Uruguay (21MVA), Chile (210MVA), Brazil (62MVA), Panama (11MVA), Ecuador (1MVA) and Barbados (10MVA).

Power Electronics began to move onto the international stage ten years ago. The process started in Latin America, with the founding of its first subsidiary in Chile. This has been followed by the opening of branches in Brazil and Mexico (where the fourth local branch office opened early this year), along with branches in Bogotá, Colombia and, most recently, Peru. Power Electronics continues to escalate its program of expansion by setting up subsidiaries throughout the world, with a view to serving emerging markets on the basis of the company’s Power on Support philosophy.

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