Power Electronics installs its XMV660 medium-voltage variable-speed drive in well G-6 of the Canal de Isabel II

Canal de Isabel II 19 July, 2017

Power Electronics has successfully completed commissioning of an XMV660 medium-voltage variable frequency drive, a 630KW unit operating at 3.3KV, in one of the new facilities of the Canal de Isabel II on the town boundary of Villanueva de la Cañada (Madrid).

This new facility will allow the Canal Authority to increase its water reserves for periods of drought. Whenever the water in reservoirs drops to a critical level, systems of this type go into emergency mode. This entails pumping up groundwater and then injecting it into the arterial main leading down from the Guadarrama mountain range, in order to continue to cover demand.

The equipment is designed to the strictest safety standards, making it ideal for even the most demanding of industrial environments. The XMV660 is available in a wide range of voltage and power configurations, with a high-quality waveform right across this range, along with maximum care for the motor, proven reliability, maximum safety and reduced maintenance.

Canal de Isabel II is a public company with a history going back over 160 years. It is internationally recognized in the sector for its innovative approach and management of the entire water cycle. It serves more than six million consumers in Madrid and its surrounding region with operating facilities that include 14 reservoirs, 78 groundwater catchments, 14 water treatment plants, a 17,434 km network of transport and distribution mains, 131 drinking-water pumping stations, 126 waste-water pumping stations, a 13,727 km network of drains, 63 storm drains, 823 km of sewers and outfalls, 157 waste-water treatment plants and 512 km of recycled-water conduits.

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