Power Electronics announces UL-1741 certification for the 1500Vdc inverter from its HEC-US V1500 range

19 July, 2016

Power Electronics has been awarded UL-1741 certification for its HEC-US V1500 range of solar inverters. This range of 1500Vdc solar inverters offers scalable outputs of up to 3.5 MW for the North American market.

The UL-1741 certification awarded to the HEC-US V1500 confirms compatibility with the reference standard for the safety and compatibility of inverters, converters, controllers and other items of equipment used in conjunction with systems of interconnection with the energy distribution resources of the electrical grid.

Available in twenty different sizes from 1 MW to 3.5 MW, the modular and failsafe HEC-US V1500 range comes with a stainless steel structure, mineral insulation and a highly efficient cooling system designed to operate at temperatures of up to 50ºC. It is also supplied with various other advanced features, including a PV Array Transfer Kit and Smart DC Recombiner conforming to NEC2014 standards, along with a monitoring zone and optional communications and auxiliary services and much else besides.

The advanced software options of the HEC-US V1500 also conform not only to UL-1741, but likewise to all the connection standards required for North America, making it the ideal solution for virtually any project.

This inverter has passed all the corresponding tests, carried out to the highest standards to guarantee a top-quality grid connection even when subject to extreme environmental conditions. The HEC-US V1500 range also comes with our well-known 24/7 Power on Support, an exceptional customer service designed to maximize running time and keep plant production going.

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