Power Electronics achieves 2GW of installed capacity for its solar inverters in the UK

30 September, 2016

Power Electronics has achieved 2GW of installed power capacity for solar inverters supplied to the United Kingdom. This installed power capacity accounts for 30% of the utility-scale market attributable to the company’s Freesun HEC inverters. Based on a topology known as the Automatic Redundant Modular Multi-Master System (ARM³S), this range of units delivers greater availability and consequently higher energy production, thereby minimizing maintenance costs and simplifying the stock management of spare parts. This inverter is capable of functioning under even the most adverse weather conditions, thanks to its outdoor configuration in heavy duty stainless steel, its advanced cooling and its multilevel energy conversion system.

The Freesun HEC likewise comes with our well-known 24/7 Power on Support, an exceptional customer service designed to maximize running time and keep plant production going. Our Power Electronics UK subsidiary operates eight service centers and four storage facilities stocked with sufficient spares to provide the best after-sales service in the sector.


Power Electronics was one of more than 200 exhibitors at Solar Energy UK, Britain’s main event in the sector, held in Birmingham on 4-6 October.   Commenting before the event, Power Electronics CEO David Salvo said: “This will be a unique chance to strengthen our ties with customers and old friends, while sharing new technologies and taking up new international opportunities as they arise.”

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