The people at Power Electronics are the key to the growth and development of a company that dedicates great daily effort to its product innovations and customer service.

We are looking for creative people who see their professional career as ongoing training, and who are motivated to contribute to the energy of the future.



Innovation is one of the values that has propelled Power Electronics along each step of the way, as reflected in its growth and geographical presence. A combination of experience and creative spirit on the part of our engineers and designers has put our products right at the forefront of technology.

Our human resources are in fact the wellspring of all our new product applications. We seek out the most advanced solutions available in each case, and then adapt the equipment concerned to the needs of the individual customer.

We are also committed to innovation as the key to developing new products, with a view to minimizing costs and environmental impact in various areas, including the energy, metallurgical, cement, marine, oil and gas, mining and water sectors.


Customer attention

Power Electronics is characterized by being a company focused on customer service. It is for this reason that a large part of our team maintains a direct and personal relationship with each customer and project. We understand that each customer’s needs are different, and we tailor our service and equipment to the highest standards of quality in order to fulfil their expectations.

In order to ensure compliance with these quality standards, we offer our Power on Support service, which guarantees personalized technical assistance for all our equipment, right from day one. It includes service in the field and the assured ability to supply customers from stock with the spare parts and products that they might require.

We also have highly qualified teams at each of our branches in over 20 countries; all fully committed to providing the best response to any query regarding our products and their applications, and to offering immediate solutions designed to ensure that the installations concerned are operational at all times.



The professionals who form part of Power Electronics are its best guarantee of quality. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians actively participates in all phases of the production, design, manufacture and assembly of every item of equipment and its corresponding components, be they mechanical or electronic. They monitor the manufacture of each component, adapt it to the individual item of equipment and take into account how it is going to be used in the field, thereby ensuring best performance for every installation. With this in mind, Power Electronics also has laboratories with certified accreditation to ensure the proper functioning of the company’s equipment, as well as holding the sector’s most important quality, safety and environmental management certifications.



The Power Electronics Campus is both a technology center and the home of the company’s factory and various departments. The site was designed to meet the needs of the company’s industrial, logistical and corporate activities; and also to attend to the training, well-being and leisure requirements of its employees.

The campus covers an area of 20,000 m² (the equivalent of more than 3 football pitches). It is occupied by the production plant, where our various product lines are manufactured and assembled, and the technology building and corporate offices which house, among other things, the R&D department responsible for creating new product applications.

The campus also provides various facilities for employees, including a 500-seat dining service, a well-equipped gymnasium, several garden areas for outdoor recreation, a large meeting room for training sessions and conferences and an in-house e-commerce courier service. Other special features include a car park equipped with electric-vehicle charging points, which employees can use for free.

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Power Academy

Training is a key part of the company’s success. The Corporate University of Power Electronics manages the knowledge generated by the company, and develops the best tools for transmitting the resulting content to employees and customers alike.

Specialist courses

Power Electronics offers training tailored to each employee, via specialist courses taught on campus. It also provides video tutorials and documentation to complement face-to-face classes.

In-service training

We provide in-service training courses designed to meet the knowledge-update needs of the technical employees responsible for maintaining our equipment. This allows us to improve both the expertise of our staff and the efficiency and performance of our equipment.

University projects

Our Corporate University participates in various projects at the University of Valencia, the Polytechnic University of Valencia and several vocational training centers, while providing internships that may ultimately result in full recruitment.


Our team’s collective experience

The team at Power Electronics contains more than two thousand people, all of whom dedicate their daily efforts to product innovations and customer service. One thing they all have in common, apart from the shared values and principles of our company, is a firm commitment to finding new approaches to energy and mobility for a sustainable future.

Pablo Díaz

Director, Sales Engineering

I started off as an intern in March 2012, as part of the practical sessions required for my MSc in electronic engineering over the 2011-2012 academic year, before qualifying as a telecommunications engineer specializing in electronics.
After a six-month probationary period, I was taken on by the projects department of the industrial division. I then went on to occupy various jobs in Project Quotations, as a project manager and, finally, as the Director, Sale Engineering.

My activities cut across all the company’s divisions, including Project Quotations, Project Management and Project Engineering , both electrical and mechanical, but the point worth noting is that my department manages all the opportunities detected by our commercial network in the field, right from the initial quotation phase until, if we are successful, production and delivery to the customer.

I believe that a capacity for hard work, a sense of esprit de corps, an ability to adapt to different scenarios and a focus on the customer and decision-making have all been important in this respect.

You have to be flexible, open-minded and able to make quick day-to-day decisions. There are also moments when you need a long-term vision of where the department needs to go.
It’s also very important to have an in-depth technical knowledge of the product and its overall functioning at all levels of the company.

My schedule allows me to reconcile my work with my personal life without any trouble. We work on flexitime at both the start and end of the day, and have an intensive schedule during the summer months and over Christmas. This lets you fulfil your outside obligations, and even have some time free during the week.

Jennifer Aroca

Supplies Manager

I still remember that phone call that gave me the opportunity to continue my career at Power Electronics. Since then, I have performed various roles in the procurement and logistics department, which have let me obtain a global vision of what the company does and also enrich myself professionally.

A good manager is one who succeeds in getting together a good team with a strong nucleus, with mutual support among its members that lets them learn to laugh and cry together as a group. So I wouldn’t stress any point in particular, other than my team of committed people, focused on overcoming the challenges of each day and establishing a good working atmosphere.

One of the most important qualities that has helped me in this respect is my positive attitude, which lets me devote my attention to seeking out solutions rather than getting hung up on problems. Another quality is a capacity for self-criticism. The objective here is to follow a process of continuous improvement that lets you detect your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. In the end, your motivation and enthusiasm for your work spread to other motivated people, who then contribute to ensuring a job well done.

The values that stand out most are the pursuit of continuous improvement and development of professional talent. Power Electronics is an innovative company that is constantly growing and evolving, which is why it is committed to the creation and development of new tools designed to make us more productive on a day-to-day basis. It also uses the possibility of in-house promotion as a powerful motivational tool for employees, by offering rewards for our commitment and dedication.

The key is to organize yourself properly. Time is today’s most valuable commodity, as it’s the only thing you can’t buy.
So you have to establish work priorities and take full advantage of each hour, minute and second. If you organize your days properly, you can squeeze maximum productivity out of the tasks that you perform.

Pablo Montesinos

Product and Applications Engineer

I started working at Power Electronics more than four years ago, in the projects department. The product and application department was created a few months later, and I’ve been here ever since.

Variety. No working day is ever like any other. You encounter different challenges and situations every day, which in my case is a motivation for coming to work.

Perseverance, a willingness to work hard and an ability to adapt the job to different situations.

The people who make up the team. We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with years of experience, but are also young, knowledge-oriented and career-minded. We all contribute something and we all have our voice heard.

I don’t really need to make any effort in this respect. I have to travel from time to time, but this doesn’t prevent me from reconciling my professional and personal life.


Work with us

Our company is growing, which means new projects and future opportunities for you to develop yourself professionally at Power Electronics. If you would like to form part of our project, take a look at the jobs currently on offer. You can also register your personal profile on our database.

Promotion and mobility

One of our values involves commitment to people in such a way that makes our employees the protagonists. It is for this reason that we offer opportunities for in-house promotion and the international mobility needed by an organization with a presence in over 45 different countries.

Flexible remuneration plans

We also provide employees with flexible remuneration plans. These depend on each individual situation regarding childcare, health insurance, dining out and transport.

Model of work-life balance

We operate on flexitime at both the start and end of the working day, with a 5 pm finish (3 pm on Fridays). As schools in Spain tend to change their timetables during the summer months, as well as closing over the Christmas period, we offer the possibility of working intensively until 3 pm every day. We are also the first industrial company in Spain to grant sixteen weeks of parental leave, regardless of the beneficiary’s sex.

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