Launch of the new SD300 variable-speed drive

23 February, 2017

The launch of the new Power Electronics SD300 variable-speed drive follows on from the success of the SD250.

Power Electronics SD250 is a range of compact and versatile variable-speed drives designed for multiple applications, and the most competitive solution for facilities containing a variety of equipment.

The SD300 is a high-performance variable-speed drive for general use. It excels when used with demanding high-load applications that require a high starting torque and precise control.

The dual working range (150% overload at 50°C in heavy duty mode and 120% overload at 40°C in normal duty mode) of the IP20 ensures compatibility in normal-load applications.

Our IP66/NEMA4X models offer guaranteed operation even under the most adverse conditions. The versatile SD300 is ideal for use with water-treatment and irrigation systems, food and beverage processing, ventilation systems, materials management, packaging systems, textiles, plastics and wood processing, or indeed virtually any application that involves automated machinery.

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