Installation of Freemaq PCSK in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio 2 April, 2019

Power Electronics has participated, with its Freemaq PCSK, in a project that the RES Group has delivered to CPS Energy during the construction of a solar-energy storage facility in San Antonio, Texas.

The systems supplied by CPS Energy involve 5 MW of AC solar-power capacity, along with an energy-storage system based on 10 MW / 10 MWh lithium ion batteries. Once the system is operational, it will allow the maximum solar-energy output from around noon to be stored and then fed into the grid in the late afternoon and evening, thereby reducing dependence on the fossil fuel-powered generators currently used to satisfy maximum demand at these times.

The Freemaq PCSK is a modular solution with a capacity of 1600kW to 3800kW, with configurable DC/AC voltage, which makes it compatible with the technologies and batteries of any manufacturer. This storage solution is based on the proven reliability and superior technical support of Power Electronics solar inverters. It is also equipped with grid support functions, such as peak neutralization, control of power increase/decrease rate, frequency regulation, load levelling and voltage regulation.
Freemaq PCSK stations are a turnkey solution designed for connection to a set of batteries and the medium-voltage distribution main.

About RES

RES is the world’s biggest independent renewable-energy company. Responsible for more than 16 GW of output, it has experience in the development, design, construction, financing and operation of projects all over the world. This experience covers a wide range of technologies applied to all manner of renewables, including land-based and offshore wind energy, solar power and the storage, transmission and distribution of energy.

About CPS Energy

CPS Energy, the biggest municipal-owned power utility in the United States, is a supplier of natural gas and electricity. It supplies electricity to 840,700 and gas to 352,585 consumers in greater San Antonio, Texas, the seventh-biggest city in the US.

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