Inauguration of the Uribe Solar 50MW power plant in Chile

Antofagasta 22 June, 2017

This week saw the inauguration of the Uribe Solar photovoltaic power plant in the Antofagasta region of northern Chile. Covering an area of over 530 acres (217 hectares), the plant has a maximum output 57.6MWp, based on twenty-four 2.4 MW stations supplied by Power Electronics, with 195,880 x 310Wp solar modules and a line of 292 solar trackers. The photovoltaic plant will produce 150GWh annually, enough to power 51,550 homes, with an annual reduction of 61,800 metric tons of atmospheric CO2 emissions. Uribe Solar is the first photovoltaic power plant to be operated by X-Elio in Chile. It was built by Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos S. A.

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