In 2018, Power Electronics achieved a record 16 GW of installed capacity in photovoltaic power plants

7 January, 2019

  • Power Electronics reaches 5 GW of installed power in photovoltaic plants during 2018.
  • The USA, Spain and Chile are the countries where he has carried out the most projects.
  • The solar inverters HEMK and HEM, two of the most requested products.

Power Electronics continues to be one of the leading manufacturers of solar inverters in the United States with the installation of more than 400 equipment in a total of 58 photovoltaic plant projects and with more than 2.5 GW of installed power throughout 2018. With these figures, it consolidates another year as a benchmark in the American market in utility-scale solar inverters.

Likewise, the company has managed to strengthen its situation in the national market with the participation in 14 projects and continue its expansion in Latin America with 10 projects in Chile, 6 in Argentina and 5 in Mexico.

On the other hand, the company continues its internationalization process in the solar sector with its implementation in Australia, Japan, Egypt and Jordan, where Power Electronics has maintained commercial relations throughout 2018.

More than 5GW of installed power in 2018

Power Electronics has participated in 144 projects of photovoltaic plants throughout 2018 reaching 5 GW of installed power. Among the most demanded equipment is the second generation of the 1500V inverter, the HEMK, a modular solar inverter that offers the advantages of both central and string inverters, with an output power of 3.8MW and available in six AC voltages.

The innovative central solar inverter string HEM has been another of the most demanded products being designed for large-scale solar installations that require the advantages of a central inverter but also the modularity of a string architecture. It is precisely its structure composed of six replaceable 500 kW cells in the field that makes it a good solution for those customers looking for production availability and optimization.

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