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The Valencian Battery Alliance as a solution to a possible energy blackout

During the last days has been present the message of the Austrian Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner, who assured that Europe will suffer an energy blackout in the coming months that could last up to 15 days and suggest the citizens of the country to stockpile supplies for the now known, energy apocalypse.

Without going any further, energy experts are already saying that the question is not if there will be one, but when it will take place. And although it’s true that the european power grids are interconnected, some energy experts think that if there were a failure in any of the power systems, a rescue could come from one of the neighboring countries due to the interconnectivity.

The causes for a possible collapse of the electricity system could be caused by technical failures, overloads due to demand peaks or misalignments in the system, which could be due to the increased price suffered in recent months.

The most asked question during the last weeks is how this could be solved, and although the European Union is already on the way (according to the last energy report published on Wednesday, October 27, renewable energies already exceed fossil fuels by 1%, representing 38% of European Energy Consumption) we still do not have enough energy storage systems to face threats such as overloads due to demand peaks.

Energy storage is not only the solution to the intermittency of renewable energies, but it’s the only way to be self-sufficient and have enough energy forecasts to face overloads or system failures, and therefore, the price of electricity.

This is why 3lement is a must, the battery gigafactory promoted by Power Electronics together with the Generalitat Valenciana, which will have a capacity of 24GWh to produce batteries for energy storage.

Because we definitely need energy storage to prevent the blackout.

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