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Building a path towards a sustainable and talented future

Building a path towards an increasingly sustainable future requires talented professionals who are willing to innovate, train and dream of a more efficient world. Without a doubt, the energy transition requires professionals who are not only willing to develop pioneering solutions to change the world, but who believe in a world of zero emissions.


Undoubtedly, these are the people who work every day to make the energy transition a reality. According to data from the International Energy Agency, renewable energy has not stopped breaking records in terms of installed capacity and supply for more than 5 years.


Power Electronics is an example of the growth of this sector, since our origins date back to a small workshop in the town of Valencia that has been able to become a multinational with 25 international delegations with a common goal: decarbonization at a global level. America, Oceania, Asia, and Europe unite synergies that come together in Valencia, Spain, the company’s headquarters and the location of its production plant, which produces 200 solar inverters every week.


1. So, why Valencia?


It could be simply because Power Electronics was born here, but it could also be because Valencia is on its way to becoming an international technology hub. For its climate, for its culture, for its sustainability, but, above all, for its talent, which is what has made it World Design Capital 2022 and European Green Capital 2024.


Valencia is synonymous with development, but Power Electronics is also firmly committed to vertical integration as part of its localization policy. Power Electronics chooses to be responsible with local production, developing a 100% Spanish branded product with the best performance in the market. It is based on betting on local talent to become a world leader, and betting on what we all have nearby. It is based on producing fewer emissions, but, above all, on enriching our environment.


2. What is the key to the development of the talented future?


That is why Power Electronics is actively working with Valencian universities, a European benchmark for high technology, with the aim of training the generations of the future. Under this emblem, Power Electronics has created the world’s first master’s degree in energy transformation, which, together with the University of Valencia, is responsible for training young students to continue working and developing renewable energy. As well as the MBATT Master, the first English-speaking online master’s degree focused on the battery value chain, co-directed by entities such as the ITE (Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía) and the support of the Generalitat Valenciana.


Power Electronics also works closely with the UPV in the Power Electronics UPV Chair with the aim of attracting the best talent and providing it with tools to make environmental transformation a reality.


In this constant search for excellence, research, development, and improvement of the systems with which it currently works, is the professionalization of the people who build the company and who are responsible for driving the cultural transformation that brings about the change in the energy paradigm.


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