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Sustainability, one of Power Electronics’ key values

It’s impossible to predict precisely what the future will bring up, but with actual knowledge about climate science, there is no doubt it will become more and more difficult to ignore the effects of the climate change.

Increasing climate awareness has made sustainability and innovation key objectives on business. But it should be taking to account that sustainable development can’t forget innovation and technological progress to enable sustainability and improve efficiency.

Surely, one of the main values of Power Electronics is sustainability. On top of this, the constant commitment to innovation and search for the best technology solutions, not just with higher performance, but also more sustainable solutions.

But Power Electronics is not only sustainable at the final products, it’s sustainable in all its production chain, from suppliers’ contact until the commissioning. They have a deep commitment and responsibility to drive sustainable development in each of the communities on which they operate.

Many years endorse the company as a key player in the energy transition, in fact, it has been able to predict the new requirements and opportunities have arisen as a consequence of the climate crisis. Power Electronics is one of the companies that contributes most to the goal of climate neutrality by 2050 (currently has more than 50GW of renewable power installed and has avoided more than 56 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere).

Furthermore, It helps to preserve natural resources for future generations. This can be possible by reducing waste, choosing resources carefully, increasing recycling, making its products more durable and taking a leading role in the energy transition.

Power Electronics not only has a direct contribution to reducing CO2 emissions with its products, but also get the credibility and position inside the renewable energy sector, thanks to its pioneering initiatives and the pursuit of balance between the needs of society, the environment and the global economy. With the aim of achieving the energy transition.

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