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Renewable energies, the key point of COP26

In a society in which the awareness of climate change is growing, the city of Glasgow has become the spotlight of the entire planet. The Scottish city is hosting the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or better known as COP26, from October 31 to December 12, where hundreds of ministers and diplomats from around the world are debating issues, such as reducing greenhouse emissions from industries, financing and structural inequality, and the role of civil society in combating the climate crisis.

From October 31st to November 12th, the first updated plans of the countries to reduce emissions have been presented taking as a reference “The Paris Agreement”; an international treaty on climate change in which the objective is limiting global warming in order does not exceed 2ºC and, and as far as possible, does not reach 1.5ºC. On the other hand, the called “Paris Rule Book” will be finalized, a document that will guide the way in which the ambitious emission reduction targets established in “The Paris Agreement” will be implemented and accomplished around the world.

The conference also set goals related to the elimination of the world’s coal-fired power plants, the replacement of gasoline vehicles with electric models, and agreements for richer nations to financially support developing countries in completing the energy transition. And there is only one clear answer to this situation: renewable energy.

Power Electronics is, for the second consecutive year, the world energy storage leader and the first manufacturer of solar inverters in America, Europe and Oceania, with an annual production capacity of 25GW and 50GW of installed AC power worldwide.

In less than 10 years, the multinational has been able to reduce a total of 56 million tons of CO2 worldwide thanks to its products, already present in more than 1000 photovoltaic and energy storage plants around the world. The company has not stopped growing, and this is thanks to the continuous commitment to innovation and the great concern for the customer, the DNA of the multinational since its origins.

Solar energy has undoubtedly been gaining ground in recent years. The main reason is the multiple benefits it offers as it is a renewable and sustainable energy, it does not require the extraction of materials to operate, which means greater savings, it is one of the energies that less pollutes and significantly reduces the carbon footprint. In addition, in the case of self-supply, it would reduce dependence on the outside, combining it with energy storage.

Following the agreements reached at COP26, the commitment to solar energy is going to be ever greater and, in this situation, Power Electronics will be more than ready to face, with more energy than ever, all the new challenges that the future holds.

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