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Power Electronics provides together with emovili 100 electric chargers to BMW

Power Electronics joins forces with the vehicle manufacturer BMW and the leading Spanish company in the installation of charging points, emovili. Thanks to this alliance, the German firm has installed more than 100 charging facilities throughout Spain for its range of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

The charging stations provided by Power Electronics are the NB City, NB30 and NB240 Standalone units, which meet the requirements of the German company’s latest models.

According to company sources, “this operation fits perfectly with our vision of a clean and sustainable world”. They are very optimistic about the enormous field of opportunities that electric mobility offers “this sector is growing and its needs are going to be greater and greater. That’s why at Power Electronics we are constantly designing new solutions to meet all the challenges that arise.

BMW’s objective with this important deployment throughout Spain is to feed the charging infrastructure and remove certain barriers when selecting a rechargeable vehicle versus a traditional one, thus motivating its users to opt for this type of vehicle.

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