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Cubierta de Power Electronics con el proyecto de autoconsumo

Power Electronics develops the largest battery self-consumption project in Spain installed on its rooftop

The multinational Power Electronics is finalizing an ambitious project to convert its headquarter in Lliria (Valencia) into a pioneering model of clean and self-sufficient energy management with the aim of closing its production cycle and generating renewable energy through renewable energy.

The company, a world leader in the manufacture of solar inverters and energy storage, aims to produce energy locally and promote new, more efficient energy models by installing large-scale storage based on lithium-ion batteries, while optimizing the overall performance of the installation.

Trough it’s this project, Power Electronics will have a positive impact on the optimization of production processes, and it also accelerates the sustainable future of the industry, being a pioneer and an example in innovation and sustainability for the rest of the industries.

David Salvo, CEO at Power Electronics, this represents a great step forward towards the energy transition, “the arrival of self-consumption in industry represents a before and after in the fight against climate change, as the involvement and responsibility of companies in this area is essential to become carbon neutral in the coming years”.

In addition, Salvo highlights the importance of generating a social impact on workers and families regarding energy sustainability and, of course, becoming a benchmark for other companies in terms of the environment and corporate social responsibility.

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